What's new coming in flutter 3.7 [2023]

 What's new coming in flutter 3.7

Key new features and improvements in Flutter 3.7 in more detail:

Improved Developer Productivity and Workflow:

  • The new Flutter IntelliJ IDEA plugin provides enhanced developer productivity and workflow through improved code completion, debugging, and refactoring capabilities.
  • The new webdev tool simplifies building and deploying web apps and improves developer workflow.
  • Hot reload has been improved to be faster and more reliable.

Enhanced Support for Desktop and Web Apps:

  • Improved mouse and keyboard support for desktop apps, including new APIs for handling mouse buttons and scroll wheel events.
  • New web-specific APIs, such as support for the WebRTC API for real-time communication and the MediaStream API for working with multimedia streams.

New Dart Language Features:

  • Null safety is a new feature that helps prevent null reference errors in your code.
  • Dart FFI (Foreign Function Interface) is a new feature that allows you to call C code from Dart.

Additional Dart Libraries and Package Updates:

  • The new Dart Internationalization library provides improved support for localization and accessibility.

Improved Performance and Reduced Binary Size:

  • The Flutter framework and the Dart SDK have been optimized to improve performance and reduce binary size for apps.

Enhancements to the Dart SDK:

  • Improved inference in the Dart SDK, which can help reduce the amount of code you need to write.
  • New features in the Dart VM, such as support for stack trace printing and improved garbage collection.

New Widgets and Material Design Enhancements:

  • New text editing and scrolling widgets, such as the new TextField and Scrollbar widgets.
  • Improved support for touch devices, including new gestures and touch event handling APIs.

Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements, and New APIs:

  • Many bug fixes, performance improvements, and new APIs have been added to Flutter 3.7 to improve the overall developer experience.