Accept Payments Using Jazz Cash Payment Gateway In Flutter

Recently I was searching How to integrate Jazz cash payment gateway in flutter. I have also checked Jazz cash Api Documentation for Jazz Cash Pay. But documentation is not for the Flutter Platform. So, I decided to publish an article to integrate Google Pay using 

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Jazz cash in Flutter.

first, we will have to sign up to jazz cash Sandbox account, we going to select the REST Api version 1.1

Then in the right side of the dashboard we have the Merchant ID, Password, and the Integrity Salt id.

we will use these id’s in our code for authenticating the request

now coming toward the code

we will post the JSON payload through the http

For Secure Hash generating we will first reorder the JSON data in alphabetical order will add all these Non null String Into single string putting “&” after every String except for the last one

We will also add the Integrity Salt id in the beginning of this string after this we will convert this to secure hash

for more detail info about the POST variable please the documentation


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